At Kenora First Aid Training, we provide First Aid & CPR/AED training which is WSIB approved through the Canadian Red Cross. Our First Aid & CPR/AED training courses are offered in an Online Blended format.

Our Online Blended training format is divided into two sections: Knowledge Online + Skills In-Class. This means that students learn the theory and knowledge aspects of the CPR/AED and First Aid training using our interactive online platform. Once completed, they attend an in-class session that is focused on the practical aspects of the program; the session includes practicing with equipment and participating in emergency scenarios.

We understand the importance of a great learning experience for our students and that is the reason behind our persistence through a high-quality, learner-centered approach. Our First Aid courses at our Kenora facility will prepare our students for emergencies and give them the necessary confidence required to act properly and perform CPR and First Aid as needed.

If you are unsure of which course to sign up for, please visit our Which Course Should I Take? Page. Here is the list of our Online Blended programs.


Aesthetician School Programs; Babysitters/Nanny’s;  Child Youth Worker; Coaches/Instructors; Construction; Daycare Workers; Developmental Services Worker; Early Childhood Education; Fieldworkers and etc.




3-year Canadian Red Cross certificate

If you are looking for the BLS level, you would have to register for your First Aid/CPR & BLS course separately. Choose your course and level, and follow our easy online registration process to enroll today!

Training Levels:

  • CPR/AED Level A or C
  • Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED Level C
  • Standard First Aid & CPR/AED Level C
  • Marine Basic First Aid

Whether your certificate is close to the expiration date, or you want to keep current with your CPR/AED and First Aid training, the Canadian Red Cross recertification courses offered in our Kenora location are available to help you with your recertification needs. Re-certifying your training will keep you updated with all the new information the Canadian Red Cross adds to their courses, as well as refreshing your knowledge and skills from your previous training. If your current certificate has not expired, you are eligible to register for a recertification course. Prerequisites valid Canadian Red Cross certificate Certification 3-year Canadian Red Cross certificate Choose your course level and follow our easy online registration process to enroll today!

Training Levels:

  • CPR/AED level C Recertification
  • Standard First Aid & CPR/AED Level C Recertification

Kenora First Aid and CPR/AED services offer the Canadian Red Cross Basic Life Support (HCP) courses in our Kenora facility. This course provides the latest resuscitation techniques and the students practice skills such as high-performance CPR, Airway obstruction, Assisted Ventilation, and more, all designed to train the students with the necessary skills and confidence to act in the health care environment. With Basic Life Support training, students also have the option to add Airway Management and Oxygen therapy to their program. Audience Pre-hospital care providers, which may include professionals in fire service, rescue team, sports-medicine, lifeguards and ski patrol would all need to complete to BLS training. Prerequisites None Certification 1-year certification in Basic Life Support (HCP) from Canadian Red Cross Choose your course and follow our easy online registration process to enroll today!

Training Levels:

  • Basic Life Support (HCP)
  • Basic Life Support (HCP) with Airway Management & Oxygen Therapy
  • Emergency First Aid & CPR Level C + Basic Life Support (HCP)
  • Standard First Aid & CPR Level C + Basic Life Support (HCP)
  • Basic Life Support (HCP) Renewal

Kenora First Aid & CPR training centers in Kenora offer Canadian Red Cross Advanced Professional Responder programs. These programs are designed for individuals in health care, firefighting, law enforcement, chiropractic, sports injury specialist, and etc.

The courses are varied in length and content, however, all of the students in these programs go through a rigorous scenarios and practical training and we ensure our students use the advanced manikins and equipment during their practice and examination, all of which are necessary to help them develop the skills and confidence required to act professionally in emergency situations.

Training Levels:

  • First Responder (FR)
  • Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
  • FR & EMR Recertification
  • Emergency Medical Responder Upgrade

Looking to become a First Aid & CPR Instructor with the Canadian Red Cross? Look no further! At Kenora First Aid Center, we offer various Instructor Development courses designed to help you become or continue being an instructor.

Our Kenora Instructor Development courses provide students the information required to teach multiple disciplines such as First Aid & CPR, Professional Responder and Wilderness. Training is held virtually or in-class.

Increase your skills in safety and become an instructor today! Your decision will shape the lives of others and make you confident in your teaching abilities.


Those who have completed safety training course(s) with the Canadian Red Cross who wish to teach life-saving skills to others.


Must be 18 years of age or older

Click the link below to learn more about prerequisites for each instructor course type


3-year Canadian Red Cross Instructor certificate

Choose your program and follow our easy online registration process to enroll today!

Training Levels:

  • First Aid & CPR Instructor Development
  • Professional Responder Instructor Development
  • Instructor Development Transfer
  • Instructor Development Recertification

Kenora CPR Course now provides Heart & Stroke Basic Life Support training in Kenora. The Basic Life Support training course is designed for healthcare professionals who wish to learn or renew their CPR and life-saving skills. Recognize cardiac arrest, how to perform single and multi-rescuer team CPR and more! Gain confidence in your CPR skills and increase the survival of patients in hospitals or pre-hospital settings.


Pre-hospital care providers, which may include professionals in fire service, rescue teams, sports medicine, lifeguards and ski patrol would all need to complete BLS training.


  • All In-Class/Blended: None
  • Recertification: Current Heart & Stroke BLS Provider certification OR Heart & Stroke Renewal Prerequisite Challenge certificate

Certification 1-year certification in Basic Life Support Provider from Heart & Stroke Choose your course and follow our easy online registration process to enroll today!

Training Levels:

  • Basic Life Support Provider
  • Basic Life Support Provider Blended
  • Basic Life Support Provider Recertification

If you are looking for private or group Canadian Red Cross First Aid & CPR training for your company in Kenora, you are at the right place! Kenora First Aid hosts private training for groups of 8 students or more throughout the Dryden, Thunder Bay, Fort Frances, Sioux lookout, Terrace Bay and Marathon, Ontario. You choose your course date, time and location and one of our highly qualified instructors will be sent to you. We ensure a great learning experience with our Canadian Red Cross instructors and top-notch equipment. Provide us with your information and we will be sure to contact you as soon as possible with a quote and further information.

We offer customized courses specifically for businesses and groups. Here are a few benefits of private courses for you:

  1. Great Savings on Courses up to $40 per Student
  2. Choice of Course Date and Location for Training
  3. Super easy course set up

Kenora First Aid Training Center is proud to offer the Canadian Red Cross Youth Program in Kenora which are designed to help teens develop safe habits and learn the basic first aid skills to deal with emergency situations that may arise when an adult is not around.

Our Stay Safe course educates teens by providing critical life-saving skills to help keep them safer and build up their confidence when they are not being supervised.

On the other hand, our Babysitting course offers great insight on how to properly take care of children and keep them safe and how to act if an emergency situation arises.


Youth looking to be left alone without adult supervision; Youth looking to babysit

Prerequisites Babysitting: Ages 11 to 15 years old Stay Safe: Age 9-13 years old Certification Canadian Red Cross certificate will be issued with no expiry Choose your program and follow our easy online registration process to enroll today!

Training Levels:

  • Babysitting
  • Stay Safe

We are happy to announce that we are now offering Kenora First Aid & CPR workshops to the public. Instead of taking a full-length course, you now have the opportunity to take a shorter, cheaper workshop with similar course material.  We are offering three workshops that are guaranteed to teach you the necessary skills you are interested in learning more about. Earn a participation certificate with each workshop you register for!

Training Levels:

  • Know Your Baby
  • Baby Emergency Preparedness
  • Build Your Own (Private Training Only)

Kenora Training Facility is Located at:

534 Park St, Kenora, ON P9N 1A1 

  • Free Parking
  • Wheelchair Accessible

Kenora First Aid Training & CPR/AED Courses Certification

Kenora Emergency First Aid and CPR/AED services offer a superior experience for the students during the training program. We are proud to have one of the best training facilities in the Kenora area where we specialize in teaching CPR/AED, Emergency/Standard First Aid and CPR, Basic Life Support, Marine Basic, Childcare First Aid and CPR, Youth Program, and Advanced Responder Program. We invest in the highest quality supplies and state-of-the-art training equipment, as well as a highly qualified Canadian Red Cross amazing instructor. Together with our team, they have helped us devise our unique lesson plan that they have seen fit for their many years in the industry. Our comprehensive first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses in Kenora provide a superior blended learning experience, which combines both theoretical and hands-on training for the finest result. With us, you can be sure you will always be prepared.

Benefits of Individual Courses

  • Canadian Red Cross certificate
  • Training certificate valid for 3 years (1 year for BLS)
  • Wall certificate available on request

Benefits of Group/Private Courses

  • Discount on course price
  • Centralized billing and reporting
  • Easy Management
  • WSIB approved courses meet federal and provincial occupational health and safety legislation
  • Canadian Red Cross certificate after you successfully complete the course, valid for 3 years

CPR Training For Emergency Situations

In an unfortunate circumstance such as a car accident, water-related emergency, or medical emergency, the difference between a happy or sad ending could depend on you. No words can describe the helplessness a person can experience when a loved one is injured and unprotected; that’s why the survival skills of CPR/AED and Basic First Aid training are necessary to be learned by everyone and our Kenora location offers all variations of these programs. Being capable to administer life-saving techniques to someone who stopped breathing, or is experiencing a heart attack is eternally gratifying. While none of us ever wish to find ourselves in such situations, they do happen, and it is imminent that we respond quickly and efficiently. That’s why, here at Kenora First Aid, our goal is to deliver life-saving techniques to as many people as possible.

Our Kenora First Aid and CPR Training is composed of practical components that focus on the application of the knowledge and skills such as performing CPR, using an AED (automated external defibrillator), how to bandage, and how to help someone in various other emergencies. As well as the practical, we value the theoretical and knowledge portion of the training, as we ensure all our pupils are well-educated in First Aid and CPR. Upon completion of the training, you will be well equipped with the skills and confidence that are essential to act in the case of cardiovascular emergencies. All of our courses certification in Kenora are interactive with games, videos, and scenarios that provide easy-to-remember further information and accommodate all different learning types that walk into our doors. Learning is embedded with regular knowledge checks leading to a final assessment.

Watch our registration guide videos and Register Today with our simple online booking system!

Best Price Guarantee

We’re so confident you’ll find the best price for your next course at Kenora CPR Center that we guarantee it! Find a cheaper identical course and we’ll beat that price by up to 10%.

At Kenora First Aid Training we are always trying to make things easier for you. One of the most common areas we find our customers confused, is which course is the best for each person. Click here so in just 2 easy steps you can register for the right First Aid and CPR course you need.

You Learn CPR, We donate . . .
Helping Those in Need is the Responsibility of Those Who Can. Kenora First Training is now pleased to announce that a portion of all the proceeds will be donated to the Sick Kids Foundation. Yes, not only will you learn how to save lives, but you can Help Save Them too. We are in business to help people change their lives. Sick Kids Foundation is fighting to make every kid a healthy kid, and we have just joined them to fight it.

You Register. You Learn. We Give.